Diabetes and potency – how to strengthen your male power?

Many male representatives and their partners are interested in the question of whether diabetes and potency of men are related. Today patients with diabetes can get rid of erectile dysfunction, using modern methods of treatment.

Diabetes and male potency

We can certainly say that diabetes affects the potency. As statistics demonstrates that about 1/4 of men suffering from this problem have disorders of potency. Such a disease as diabetes affects the normal operation of the blood vessels.
  1. Because the blood circulation is disturbed in the body during the excitation, the sexual organ is not filled adequately with blood, it causes weak erection and sexual intercourse can not be prolonged.
  2. The influence of diabetesDiabetes and potency on the potency is due to the fact that the disease itself affects the hormonal balance and testosterone level. It determines the normal functioning of the reproductive system.
  3. There are variety negative effects of the strong increase or decrease of glucose levels. If there is a sharp decrease in blood sugar levels, it adversely affects the operation of the brain. Thus, this disease provokes the prolonged ejaculation or even its absence. Such a violation of necessary power for brain often provokes the lack of sexual desire.
  4. In fact, the rise of blood sugar contributes to slowing down the nerve endings connecting to the penis. Then males have the reduced sensitivity of the scrotum, perineum, and the penis head. Also, high blood sugar lowers the testosterone levels.

Impotence treatment with diabetes

There are various means for male potency. To increase the potency with diabetes mellitus or absolutely get rid of the problem of erectile dysfunction can be used a variety of ways.
  1. The first is compensation of diabetes and prevention its complications. In this case, the patient is advised to stop smoking, begin to control his weight, normalize cholesterol metabolism, and stabilize his blood pressure.
  2. After that he needs to resort to eliminate of psychological problems, as often happens (chronic stress), which are necessary to get rid of, to restore normal potency.
  3. In extreme cases, such as severe vascular impotence, in which blood flow is so disturbed in the genitals, that the erection is impossible in principle, doctors may suggest a surgical method of treatment. In this case, either performed microvascular surgery, which allows you to restore normal blood supply, or set different implants.

Drug therapy

The most common treatment method here is the medical one. This can be restorative drugs, sex hormones or inhibitors of phosphodiesterase-5. Usually, these products are containing in their composition of vardenafil (Levitra) and tadalafil (Cialis). These drugs today are considered one of the most effective and frequently used in conjunction with traditional treatments. Cialis is the drug approved by the FDA and has a duration of action - 36 hours (results of clinical trials). Cialis takes an effect after an average of 40 minutes but can be absorbed faster if the medication was taken on an empty stomach and depending on the individual characteristics.