How can prostatitis affect the potency and premature ejaculation?

For many years one of the most relevant topics in urology is the question how to treat erectile dysfunction.

What is the connection of prostatitis and potency?

How can prostatitisBefore saying that prostate inflammation may have an impact on male sexual function, it is necessary to delve into the theory. It is known that the disease, which is in the chronic form, carries a particular danger to the organism. In this case, a scar tissue can appear on the prostate gland near the foci of inflammation (prostate sclerosis), which will contribute to the reduction of the conductivity of receptors. In turn, these receptors are responsible for ejaculation and erection. These scars are considered one of the most dangerous consequences of the disease. As is known, this organ responsible for regulating the production of testosterone. There it takes a different shape (5a-dihydrotestosterone). Accordingly, if the prostate operation is impaired, then most likely, it will affect the sexual possibilities.

The psychological factor

Self-hypnosis is the main enemy of a man who has the prostatitis. The researchers argue that quite often different sexual disorders with prostatitis are self-hypnosis or exaggeration. Perhaps a man has a minor problem, but it increases the scale of what is happening mentally. Doctors emphasize that the person can try on various diseases themselves. Therefore, when a person finds a disease, he begins to remember all the possible forms of its manifestation and to attribute them to himself. In this case, most people convince themselves that they have problems with potency.

Preventive action

Every disease is easier to prevent than to treat. That is why hesitate about your health from a young age. Doctors believe that the best prevention of prostatitis is a correct way of life and regular sexual life with one partner.
  • Remember, it is undesirable to allow stagnation of sperm, as well as permanent erection without ejaculation.
  • Eat parsley, nuts, ginger, eggs, seafood, lean meat, vegetables and spices. To the extent possible, lower fried, spicy and fatty foods, sausages, smoked meats, convenience foods, and alcohol in your meals. The excessive consumption of potatoes, rice, and pasta is also undesirable.
  • For the prevention and treatment can be used massage of the prostate. However, it is undesirable to perform such manipulations by yourself, if you are not sure that you can carry out the procedure efficiently and accurately.

Recovery potency after prostatitis

How to recover potency after illness? Today, there are many ways to get rid of the problems with erectile dysfunction. Today there are a wide variety of tablets for potency, which can help men to deal with erectile dysfunction. If, however, a problem with premature ejaculation is not on the agenda - then intelligently apply Cialis. It acts like Viagra, but with duration of 36 hours. The Cialis daily dose of 5-10mg improves circulation of pelvic organs and the absorption of drugs into the prostate tissue, and thus improves the patient's condition.